OT Blog Carnival - Edition #1

Hot off the presses: OT Blog Carnival!

What is a blog carnival?
Basically, posts from different blogs are collected and published together. Typically, there's a common theme/topic. Given that this was the inaugural edition, topics were varied. I read the "pseudo-review" of Occupational Therapy Without Borders: Learning From The Spirit of Survivors. I love reading how OT has a place outside the typical rehab setting. I have been reading about family volunteer vacations and would love to be able to do this when the kids are older.

A bit off topic (but not really): my family and I are planning to go visit the Philippines this summer. While we're there, I would love to see what role OT has in another country. Is it the same in the US? How is it different? If anyone would be willing to have a stranger (a very nice and courteous stranger, mind you) shadow them for a couple of hours, please let me know!

This week is midterms. I've been pretty good about reading and studying but I need a break (hence the post).

We also received our fieldwork assignments for later this summer and winter. One will be out of state and the other will be back home. It's going to be tough going out of state (financially and emotionally) but I felt that the sacrifice will be well worth it. Besides, I don't think I would have the opportunity down the road to just visit another facility for 3 months so I could not pass it up.

Things are going to be super-crazy busy in the next couple of weeks: school, possibly moving to the new house, trying to sell/rent the old place (in this market?), the usual kid stuff, etc.. Just taking it a day at a time...


It's a New Day




Happy New Year? (Crude Humor)

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Wheelchair backflips... and other stuff

First off, Guinness Book of World Record for a wheelchair backflip. I thought this was pretty awesome. I can't even do a wheelie. I think that is because I'm in that I'm-getting-older-and-I-need-to-preserve-myself stage.

[via boingboing]

Right now, I'm currently finishing up my third semester of OT school. This semester, we have been focused primarily on middle adulthood, both physical disabilities as well as mental health. I just got my schedule for the Spring semester (and last semester! lecture-wise anyway). We'll be learning about late adulthood - the population that I envision myself working with. Of course, what I plan may become the exact opposite of what I actually end up doing so who knows...

I'll also be taking a special issues course on hand rehabilitation. So I'll be a splint-making machine. Maybe. Or possibly a splint-making machine that realized that she left the splint material in too long and it's slowly gooping down the scissors. Haven't done that yet but I can see it happening.

I've also been thinking about this blog. There have been plenty of times where I'll come across something and I'll think, "Hey! I should put this up on the blog" but then that morphs into, "Nah, I don't have time to add my bit because then otherwise I'm just linking stuff, which is boring.."

BTW, when I first started this sojourn a year ago, I hated the whole reflecting bit. Why bother? It is what it is. Maybe having been used to be in a black and white clinical world from working in the laboratory influenced that outlook. In any case, I now find myself reflecting more, wondering and being more curious beyond superficial appearances. Could it be? Could I be evolving? Hahaha... there is hope yet!

OK, what was I saying? Oh yeah, this blog. Not sure what the future holds but as soon as I figure that out, um, I'll post it!


Arthur "Peg Leg Sam" Jackson and Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates

If you've watched Amelie, "Peg Leg Sam" is the same man that was in one of the videos that Amelie sends to the glass man.

Another tap dancer, Clayton "Peg Leg" Bates:


Paralympic Games in Beijing (Sep 6-17)

UniversalSports.com will be broadcasting the paralympic games live from Beijing. Here's the schedule.

I am eager to watch the rugby final on 9/16. Fortunately it's on a Tuesday and I don't have class that day. I may have a dozen other things I should be doing instead but, hey, it's only every 4 years. Until then, you can watch the opening ceremony here, all 3 and a half glorious hours of it.

Per the US Paralympics site, the games will also be broadcast on Universal Sports TV on 10/8 and a special presentation on NBC on 10/18.